Architectural Grilles

Project Description:

Architectural Bronze, Aluminum & Stainless Steel Grilles.
PIW has patented, quality grilles for virtually any application. Contact us for information on grilles for your project. With our two patented grille construction methods we have the ability to supply high quality grilles and gratings in just about any material or finish. Our construction methods do not have the normal limitations of other manufactures. We can space bearing bars at almost any center to center distance and our bearing bars  can be anything from the very small delicate bars found in convector grilles to monster bars that might be needed in tree grates or loading dock applications. We also have no limits on placement of cross bars. Our patented grille construction methods use very ridge extra strong mechanical locking and unlike others who either use welded construction that distorts or weak locking methods that come loose over time, our grilles start straight, stay straight, and remain strong.

Project Information

Completed on: 28 Aug 11

Category: Architectural Grilles

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